For 20 years, we have never missed a publication. So, it is with great sadness to report that due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are forced to temporarily pause publication of Smooth Jazz News beginning with the April 2020 issue. Please know that it was an extremely painful decision to make, and the most heart-wrenching communication I have had to deliver as publisher of Smooth Jazz News. But we feel it is the best and most appropriate one given this (temporary) health and economic crisis the entire world is enduring.
Therefore, we ask that new subscribers wait until we resume publishing before subscribing to Smooth Jazz News.
TO OUR CURRENT PAID SUBSCRIBERS: Please know that your subscription will automatically be extended by an additional month for skipping the April issue. And, in the unfortunate event of any subsequent skipped issues caused by the continuation of this crisis, we will extend subscriptions for each issue missed.
We plan to continue publishing as soon as the nationwide shutdown and other emergency measures have been lifted and business is back to normal. When concerts and festivals are operating safely, we will be there to provide artist features, pertinent event content, a calendar of events, other current editorial and advertisements that our readers look forward to receiving. We sincerely apologize to everyone for this temporary inconvenience.
Please click here to read our entire statement posted on our Facebook page and to stay apprised of updates. And, should you have any questions, please feel free to email us at
Our hearts go out to those affected, medically and financially, by this illness. Stay safe and be well.
Melanie Maxwell,
Publisher and Founder
Smooth Jazz News


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