Camella & Richard Elliot’s 2018 Halloween Bash!

Partying down in Elliot town on Halloween!

Richard and Camella Elliot enjoying their Halloween Bash (Photo: David Hopley)

Spooky and spectacular is the type of Halloween bash Camella and Richard Elliot threw last Saturday night. Nearly every inch of their North San Diego County ranch was decorated in spirited, scary and sometimes shocking flair:

Elliot’s tombstone and skeleton-filled front yard (Photo: David Hopley)

From the entrance of their home filled with skulls, angry pumpkins, a huge black widow

Elliot’s front porch (Photo: David Hopley)

and musical instrument-playing corpses;

Music-playing corpses greet guests at the 2018 Elliot Halloween Bash (Photo: David Hopley)

and the skeleton family seated in the formal dining room,

Skeleton family wine-tasting in formal dining room (Photo: David Hopley)

to all of the ghosts, goblins and creepy clowns hanging from trees throughout the sprawling grounds,

Creepy creature hanging in backyard orange tree (Photo: David Hopley)

which included pumpkin-headed scarecrows in their vineyard.

Pumpkin scarecrow guarding the Elliot vineyard (Photo: David Hopley)

Pumpkin scarecrow (Photo: David Hopley

It was a full-service affaire with food trucks,

Habit Burger Grill Food Truck (Photo: David Hopley)

an open bar with bartenders who filled every empty glass (many of them with the Elliot Ranch Albarino white wine, a vintage made from grapes grown on the Elliot estate),

Elliot Ranch Albarino white wine, made from grapes grown on the family’s home vineyard (Photo: David Hopley)

and attendants who kept all of the tables tidy and the dance floor clean. And, to enhance partygoers’ facial appearances, a professional makeup artist was onsite to do just that.

Makeup artist Angel Garner-Collier applying makeup to Cathy Lee (Photo: David Hopley)

Plus, the GRAMMY-nominated saxophonist invited a bunch of his artist buddies and musician friends, including DW3 and the West Coast Horns who performed in costume.

DW3 and the West Coast Horns performing at the Elliot Halloween Bash (Photo: David Hopley)

Camella Elliot dancing with Garrett Baulmer (who just returned from deployment), daughter Candace’s boyfriend (Photo: David Hopley)

Richard Elliot performing with DW3 at his Halloween party (Photo: David Hopley)

Trumpeter Rick Braun was there, too, but you couldn’t spot him with the mask he was wearing. I finally figured it out when I saw his wife, Christiane, their daughter, Emma, and son, Kyle, chatting with him.

Christiane Braun dancing with her masked husband, trumpeter Rick Braun (Photo: David Hopley)

My formula for identifying others was to look for the spouses. That’s how I discovered bassist Nate Phillips, who arrived with his wife, Pam.

Bassist Nate Phillips (Photo: David Hopley)

Later, I spotted B leading someone wearing in an inflated white snowman type of apparatus, who turned out to be her husband, drummer Eric Valentine.

Dr. Lee, Kyle Braun, Eric Valentine and his wife, B (Photo: David Hopley)

Steve Chapman (Chapman & Co. Management, Elliot and Braun’s manager) was dressed as a nerd, while his business partner Bud Harner made a perfect Anderson Cooper.

Bud Harner (as Anderson Cooper), Steve Chapman (as a nerd) and another Keith Butler (Photo: David Hopley)

Payne Pest Management owners Kathy Payne, dressed as a great Lucille Ball, while her husband, Willie, was Ricky Ricardo.

Willie and Kathy Payne (owners of Payne Pest Management) dressed as Ricky Ricardo and Lucille Ball (Photo: David Hopley)

Sandy Riser (Rick Braun’s business partner with his cruises and New Year’s Eve Getaway) arrived as a dragon slayer, with her husband, Bernie, as the dragon.

Sandy Riser as dragon slayer, with her husband, Bernie as a dragon (Photo: David Hopley)

Guitarist Adam Hawley and his wife, Kat, dressed up as characters from “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Guitarist Adam Hawley with his wife, Kat, dressed up as characters from “The Handmaid’s Tale” (Photo: David Hopley)

More than 100 people––including the couple’s five children and their friends––danced, drank and ate the night away (although many also watched the World Series in the living room). And, toward the end of the evening, a best-costume contest produced three finalists.

Partygoers dancing away the night (Photo: David Hopley)

Here are some more photos from that amazing night, Saturday, Oct. 27, which were all taken by David Hopley.

Post by Melanie Maxwell on October 30, 2018

Husband of makeup artist Angel Garner-Collier, demonstrating his wife’s best work! (Photo: David Hopley)

Elliot’s doorway (Photo: David Hopley)

Camella Elliot enjoying her Halloween party (Photo: David Hopley)

Christiane Braun enjoying the dance music (Photo: David Hopley)

Elliot porch and doorway (Photo: David Hopley)

Bub Elliot, Camella and Richard Elliot’s son (Photo: David Hopley)

Sun-loving skeletons (Photo: David Hopley)

Rick Braun, Christiane Braun, Dr. Lee, Cathy Lee, Kyle Braun and Emma Braun (Photo: David Hopley)

Pirate skeletons (Photo: David Hopley)

Ghost in chains (Photo: David Hopley)

Creepy clown (Photo: David Hopley)

Skeleton pirates chilling in the Elliot’s backyard (Photo: David Hopley)

Poolside ghosts (Photo: David Hopley)

Poolside ghost and Trick-or-Treating goblins (Photo: David Hopley)

Day of the Dead display in Elliot’s kitchen (Photo: David Hopley)

Makeup artist Angel Garner-Collier with her husband, Ken, who she made up for the party (Photo: David Hopley)

Ghostly grandma (Photo: David Hopley)

Halloween-inspired fireplace mantel (Photo: David Hopley)

BFFs Camella Elliot and Christiane Braun (Photo: David Hopley)

Candace Elliot with her boyfriend Garrett Baulmer (right) and their friend at her family’s Halloween party in Escondido, California (Photo: David Hopley)

Skull, snake, crow and bone pile (Photo: David Hopley)

Lisa and keyboardist Patrick Bradley with their daughter at the Elliot’s Halloween party (Photo: David Hopley)

Fountain-turned-cauldron (Photo: David Hopley)

Partygoers (Photo: David Hopley)

Tania Drake, Camella Elliot’s cousin from Texas (Photo: David Hopley)

Partygoers (Photo: David Hopley)

Keyboardist Ron Reinhardt and his wife, Laura, dressed up as trailer trash rednecks with filmmaker Lori Stoll, right (Photo: David Hopley)

Michael Purcell kissing Moose, the Elliot’s Newfoundland dog (Photo: David Hopley)

Comedian Tommy Davidson and his wife, Amanda, with their son as “Black Panther” characters (Photo by David Hopley)

“Best Costume” contestants at the Elliot Halloween party (Photo: David Hopley)

International partygoers (Photo: David Hopley)

Cardiologist Jeffrey Gorwit and his wife, Linda (Photo: David Hopley)

Magic 92.5 on-air personality Kelly Cole, left, with Lisa Blaisdale at the Elliot’s Halloween party (Photo: David Hopley)

Partygoers (Photo: David Hopley)

Partygoers (Photo: David Hopley)

Partygoers (Photo: David Hopley)

Partygoers outside on the patio (Photo: David Hopley)

Partygoers (Photo: David Hopley)

Camella and Richard Elliot join partygoers on the dance floor (Photo: David Hopley)

Candace Elliot with friends (Photo: David Hopley)

“Best Costume” contestants Michelle Cavasa and tattoo artist Stevie O’Dell (Photo: David Hopley)

Camella and Richard Elliot surrounded by friends and loved ones (Photo: David Hopley)


Camella Elliot dances with her BFF Christiane Braun (Photo: David Hopley)

As the party winds down, people are snapping their final memories of another fabulous events hosted by the Elliots! (Photo: David Hopley)

Steve Chapman and his wife, Lori Stoll (Photo: David Hopley)

Craig Collier (Smooth Jazz News distribution and operations manager), Bub Elliot and Richard Elliot (Photo: David Hopley)

Ron Reinhardt, Nate Phillips, Craig Collier, Eric Valentine (in white inflated costume) and his wife, B Valentine, Laura Reinhardt and Pam Phillips (Photo: David Hopley)

Reggie Jackson, Willie Payne, Kyle Braun, 94.7 The WAVE on-air personality Pat Prescott and Kathy Payne

Craig Collier, Nate Phillips and his wife, Pam

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